The Living Lab

$99.00 aud

The Well Made Mama Living Lab is a toolkit to help you intentionally work on and build your wellbeing to help you be aware of your thoughts and emotions, build your resilience, help you perform, connect and feel well.

At Well Made Mama, we understand that motherhood requires just as much from our minds as it does our bodies. We can not think of a single human endeavour that requires us to dig deeper, aim higher, or go longer than the raising of a child. To do this, our minds demand nourishment. We believe that this nourishment should be the best that modern science has to offer. Enter the Living Lab. 

Using this transformative Lab you will: 

  • Learn the important pillars of positive psychology and the core competencies/elements we think you need, to feel well.
  • Learn about your element needs.
  • Integrating information and practice with scientific evidence and insights.
  • Detailed explanations covering the science behind all experiments.
  • Learn how to prioritise your time and create your space to feel well, perform at your best, and support your mental wellbeing.

Interested in learning more about how you can use The Living Lab? Here are a few experiments along with our e-book to explain more about how we use straight up science, to get you feeling your best more days than not.

what comes in the living lab?

the wmm check in

The Well Made Mama check in is an assessment designed to help you find out where you are sitting with your general wellbeing. Score yourself and find out which of your elemental needs you are meeting and which need more attention. Use the experiment cards to get more of what you need. And then check in as often as you need and keep working on your wellbeing.

science of motherhood experiment cards

An extended pack of 50 activities to help you reframe how you’re thinking about a situation, stop to savour the moment more, assess better ways to cope and flourish, set small incremental goals to increase your performance and happiness. A mini portable laboratory to help you through all of life’s miraculous events - good and bad.

the elemental table

The Elemental table is an integral part of the Living Lab. All core elements that we believe you need to be on top of your game live in this table. Hang the table in sight and use our resealable stickers on the elements you are focusing on that week. The cards work hand in hand with the table and our wellness tracker templates to keep you focused on the work at hand, you!

The Living Lab also comes with the Lab Manual - a 30 page digital manual explaining how to use your Lab, work on nuturing your emotional and mental wellbeing by learning about the science of Motherhood and how your brain changes as your identity does, and to help you track and set goals for your self.

The Living Lab helps you look at each elemental need in an engaging active way to help you reinforce the seven key areas of your emotional wellbeing and to act in a preventative rather than prescriptive way to making yourself feel great. 

  • Purpose
  • Positivity
  • Competence
  • Self Sovereignty
  • Connection
  • Balanace
  • Pattern

what you will receive:

  • extended assessment to get started
  • elemental table
  • 50 experiment cards
  • Tracking sheets
  • resealable stickers 
  • downloadable lab notes
  • WMM e book

We all deserve to feel connected, resilient and performing our best. The science is there, we just need to learn how to use it. We promise you a safe and supportive community where you can create new habits, build on your own wellness by design, and flourish as an individual, a woman, a professional and a Mother.