Experiment with your well being

Explore the seven categories of elemental needs. Do more of what works and less of what doesn't and feel your best more days than not: 

  • Connection
  • Purpose
  • Positivity 
  • Competenece
  • Self-sovereignty
  • Balance
  • Pattern

Science Of Motherhood

Activity cards

$24.99 AUD

Well Made Mama's Science Of Motherhood cards can be purchased separately or within the Living Lab (link here), as an extended pack of 50 cards.

The Science of Motherhood activity cards explores each of the 30? elements we believe, make up our core needs. When these needs are met, we feel well. 

Each card comes with an explanation of the science behind the element and an experiment designed to get actively working on ways to build on your core competencies. 

Before beginning with the cards, take the WMM Check In to explore whether you are meeting your elemental needs or not. Then select an experiment card that helps you balance your needs that week. 

Take the assessment time and again and use the cards as often as you need to. 

The experiments can be done on your own or with friends, your partner and family.