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Motherhood is an all-in, full frontal, technicolor, unrelenting, blood, guts and very little glory action hero movie. You’re the hero, if you hadn’t noticed yet.

In this movie, our hero runs, and ducks, and dodges, and runs some more. She saves people from burning buildings, tells the truth, and never, ever gives up. She’s the greatest there ever was, and ever will be. But at some point, even she needs a little something to fill her back up again.

Enter the sidekick. (Every great hero has one.) The best sidekicks have underground laboratories where they cook up gadgets and potions for the heroes to make them even stronger. And in this movie, to help our hero (you), we are your sidekick and we’re turning to science to get you what you need.

Specifically, the science of well-being and performance. The past decade has exploded with research findings around the way the brain and body interact with the world to help us wake up and take a giant bite out of it. (Yes, scientists actually study how to help us feel kick-ass.)  Because as it turns out, figuring out how to bring our A-game is serious business. It matters to athletes, it matters to warriors, and it matters to your boss. It’s really about time we got this science into the hands of Mothers.