WMM Workshop

Your bachelor OF applied motherhood

Welcome. This 6-week course is designed to give you a hands-on learning experience around the thinking and feeling side of Motherhood. The focus is primarily on you and your mental wellbeing, as you go through the physical, psychological and emotional changes that will shape your new identity as a Mother and help you perform at your best.

The Well Made Mama workshop should be considered complementary to the traditional and practical preparation offered for this extraordinary life event. By the end of our time together, you can expect to have learned a little more about yourself, the links between your mind and your parenting and tangible actions you can take to boost your emotional wellness. We train for years to be the best at our jobs and no job will ever be as important as this one. We think Modern Mamas need support now, more than ever before.

It's not about buying anything new (phew!). While the science is new, motherhood is not. We tap into the science of performance and our CORE formula, to give you the best experience of Motherhood and to handle all the emotions, good and bad, that life with baby will bring. This course is designed to help you learn about the elemental Mama that each of us is, and to understand what will nourish her in this very complex world we are tasked with modern mothering in. 

Some of the topics we will cover (but not exclusively): 

  • The science of Motherhood as it happens in your mind; 
  • Learning how the changes in your brain during this transition can affect you in many ways;
  • That the same care you give to your body and your baby should be given to your mental well-being; 
  • Becoming familiar with your personality strengths;
  • How to build coping mechanisms; 
  • Learning how to define your ‘roles’ and live up to them on your terms; 
  • Building on your resilience and performance;
  • Setting goals for your own personal development.

The course is designed to get you thinking about your emotional well-being because we believe that few things are more important. After so much time planning and thinking and working for your new bundle of joy, it can actually be a lot of fun to take some time to take stock of YOU. 


Well Made & Mindful Activity Cards

Well Made Mama is collaborating to bring you the Well Made & Mindful Activity Cards. We want to share the benefits of mindfulness and positive psychology in a set of wonderfully curated cards with evidence based activities, reflections, and meditations you can keep on hand, to support you and strengthen your resolve, whilst you journey through the highs and lows of becoming a parent. 

We love Mamas who are on top of their game, Mother’s who don’t know how they’ll get through till tomorrow, and every Mother in between.