A Beautiful Journey: Elate Cosmetics Artist Lisa Torti, On Sustainability, Kindness, And Purpose

Purpose. It's the happiness that can take a while to arrive because you have to work for it. Technically known as ‘eudaemonic’ happiness, this is the hit of wellbeing you get when all of that work finally pays off. You’ve saved your pennies. You’ve finished the marathon. You made a tough decision but stayed true to your beliefs.  

Purpose, in our opinion, is one of the seven categories of elemental needs we need to have met, to feel well..  An important element within this category is Legacy.

And why does Legacy matter? Well ask yourself this, are you working towards a better future for yourself and your children? When you’re stressing about tasks you would rather not do, think about what you can do, to make an impact on the life you create for yourself and your children.

Lisa Torti is a Certified Freelance Makeup Artist, offering vegan, organic makeup services and homeschool teacher to her 9 and 7-year-old children.  She is someone I look up to for the sacrifices she is making for what she believes in.

I’ve known Lisa for three decades, and when I asked her to contribute for this piece because I wanted to celebrate the choices she has made for her family, she said, “this feels like something I don’t deserve.” We think we all deserve a bit of gratitude for the selfless decisions we make every day as parents. Paying it forward is not only just a nice thing to do, we think it’s a healthy thing to do!

Our decision to homeschool was made when my first, now 9 years old, was just a baby.  We knew that we wanted a different type of life for him than we had. Not that we felt that we had a bad childhood, but because we knew that we could provide a more eclectic lifestyle with plenty of child-led experiences.  We wanted our children to be able to decide what they wanted to learn. We knew how difficult it was going to be to juggle our businesses with schooling. But, I wanted to try to spend as much time with my children as I could, so I felt that the only way I could do that was to keep them home.

The decision was followed by a whole lot of research about the types of home-based learning and all the legal aspects of our decision.  Since I am a freelance makeup artist, I make my own schedule, which ended up being perfect. I could work lessons around my schedule. We took quite a pay cut.  It's been very difficult to make ends meet and there are a few times of the year that are much harder than others. I quite often feel worn thin because I don't really get any time to myself.  My children are always with me. Would I change anything? No. When I'm having a tough day, I have the choice to say 'No school today! Let's go for a walk in the woods.' which ends up being educational anyway.

Trying to work on anything to do with my business during the day doesn't work.  I often have to wait until they go to bed to dig in. It's a small inconvenience that I can handle. 

Quite recently Lisa joined the team at Elate Cosmetics, a cosmetics company that lovingly creates, “vegan, toxin-free, cruelty-free, gluten-free, sustainable, conscious beauty products that are healthier for you & the planet.”

Putting on Mascara isn’t going to change the world, but it may change your perception of yourself just a little bit, so you can.
— Melody Reynolds, Founder, Elate Cosmetics

Talk about leaving a legacy behind! Founder Melody Reynolds makes it her mission to empower women to make choices that won’t compromise their skin or negatively impact the environment - ingredients and package are free of toxins and entirely sustainable.

Besides the fact that their products are among the best I’ve tried in green beauty, Elate is all about community, kindness, sustainability and authenticity which really resonates with me.  Their values are very aligned with mine in the sense that we live a vegan, organic lifestyle at home and work on sustainability as much as possible.

And to end our chat with this lovely lady, we tasked Lisa with writing her own Manifesto - what would she want the world, her friends, her clients, her children, to know what is at her core? What gives her a feeling of purpose each day?


It is important to me, that my family and I live our lives with integrity. That our values not be compromised by the many temptations of the world.

I want to do less worrying. To not give in to my anxiety and become the helicopter parent I don't really want to be. To give them space to test the limits of their bodies without me stepping in to help, unless they ask for it.

I want to do more of what makes me feel full. To fill my life with happy, fun experiences and to push myself out of my comfort zone.

I cherish the life that my husband and I have created for ourselves and our children. Though we may often struggle because we've chosen to live against the grain, we feel to our core that we are doing what's right for us.

I promise to continue to work on myself, both mentally and physically, because I know that when I give in to laziness in these areas, I feel unhealthy and unhappy. I also promise to continue to fight the urge to compare my parenting to other mothers, which can be challenging because of social media.

I hope my children grow up healthy, happy and kind.  That’s all I want. If they grow up appreciating that they had an opportunity to learn in a different way that most other children don’t have, it would just be a happy bonus...

...that is the legacy I want to leave behind.


About Lisa Torti

Lisa is a Certified Professional Makeup Artist offering vegan, organic makeup services, as well as the Western Ontario Business Development Partner and Artist for Elate Cosmetics. She received a diploma with honours at The Canadian Aesthetics Academy Advanced Aesthetic Program and a certificate from Mohawk College's Make-up Artistry Program.

Specialising in makeup for Weddings, Special Occasions and Personal Branding, Lisa prides herself in offering green beauty services that highlight your own natural beauty. Her goal is to enhance your features without hiding your light so that you can feel your best while still looking like you. 

website: www.lisatorti.com

instagram: @greenbeauty.bylisatorti