Is The World A Healthy Place To Give Birth In?

The way we view it, modern motherhood can be divided into two categories: The parts you can see, and the parts you have to sense. The parts you can see include your changing body and your growing child. These aspects are pretty well covered by books, your caregivers, the web, and the world at large. The parts you have to sense include your emotions, your sense of fit in the world you inhabit, your connections with others, your confidence, and your grit. These can be a little tougher to describe, and much tougher to find information on. Nevertheless, they make or break your experience.  

And so, the purpose of Well Made Mama is to help women develop the everyday skills needed for resilience in the face of the inevitable challenges that can accompany the gratitude, wonder, awe and happiness new babies bring with them. Our goal is to help mothers realise that building resilience is essential to their and their families’ well-being, and is as crucial a skill as the more traditional “mothering skills” of delivering, feeding, caring for and socialising new babies.  

Resilience is the ability to survive, bounce back from, learn and even thrive from challenges and twists and turns in the road. It is essential to the role of motherhood, as “overnight” we are faced with the round-the-clock responsibilities of caring for our new children while still caring for our families and (sometimes) ourselves - leaving little room for succumbing to stress. Mothers are “on stage” everyday. The show must go on, irrespective of our fears, our tiredness or life’s changes. Without the ability to adapt to and grow from changing circumstances, we can become drained, depleted, even anxious and depressed.

While the innate ability to bounce back quickly from challenges can vary from person to person, resilience isn’t magic, and can be learned by anyone to build resources that will help them flourish within the unpredictable new role they are now in.

In terms of understanding the BIG PICTURE of where you now sit as a mother: How the culture and society you inhabit can impact your wellbeing, how your brain has undergone as many profound changes as your body, how humans as a species have evolved strategies for helping a mother feel energetic enough to tackle the tasks of motherhood in a way that helps her feel well, full of purpose, energy and direction - we have yet to see them become part of the postpartum lexicon.

Your well-being does matter. And we are here to give it its due.