Well Made Heroes: Alwyn Hunt

At Well Made Mama, we think we deserve the best experience of motherhood we can create in our new state of ‘being’. Part of doing that requires us to connect with, and celebrate, the special people in our lives; or maybe the barista at your favourite cafe who remembers your name; or the stranger that gave up her seat for you on the train.  Think of it as our own gratitude journal, one written by all of us. Expressing gratitude can do twofold, it’s one way we can pay it forward, sharing the good work done by those around us. And secondly, we believe that positive emotions (that of gratitude in particular) can actually act as an antibody in the face of all the negative effects that stress, fear, anger, etc,. have on the body.

So here is our next Well Made Hero...Alwyn Hunt. He is my best friend. He is the only (grown-up) person I can uninhibitedly share what I really think. He will protect me with his life and make me fabulous meals forever (unless the All Blacks are playing and then it’s a different story.)

He is my Well Made Hero because when I was a mess with a newborn, he would walk in from 14-hour work days and help settle our colicky and crying Son for the next two hours, without hesitation. He is my sounding board, my collaborator, my co-conspirator and my iTunes fixer.

He is helping us raise two lovely boys to be risk takers, to be adventurers, to be lovers, not fighters. He works a day job and then works into the night on his own venture and somehow manages to always and devotedly, read another story to the boys, help me make extra meals for the freezer and work on WMM.  Alwyn is my Hero because he is selfless for the greater good of our family and I am grateful for that, no matter how many times he leaves his underwear on the bathroom floor (lots and lots of times).

 We want to celebrate your Heroes too, big or small. Send your stories to sabrina@wellmademama.com and we will share them with our Well Made Mama community.