Mamas’ Minds Matter: Postpartum Support With A Twist

Becoming a parent is an adventure.

The thing about adventures is that most of the time, people try to prepare for what they might run into. As mums-to-be, we were travelling light on this journey, but even we weren’t bold enough to avoid what we thought were the necessary pre-baby preparations.  We read the baby care books. We had the car seat and stroller all ready to go. And we enrolled in the parenting class that everyone told us we had to in order to learn the basics of baby-rearing. We were as prepared as we could have been.

As it turns out, the only thing we didn’t prepare for this adventure was us. Or, specifically, our minds. We didn’t realize this until much later, but suffice it to say, enough unnecessary suffering happened in that first year to make us wonder if a huge part - perhaps THE part - of our preparation for motherhood had been overlooked. After all, it is in our minds that we become mothers. And it is the one area for a mother that there is almost complete radio silence on as she prepares for (most likely) the most monumental shift in her identity to date.

We noticed that when we talked with our friends, the conversation moved beyond baby-care trouble. We were often grappling with real fears that spanned far beyond the advice in the baby manuals. These included fears over the unknown, of feeling so newly vulnerable, lonely or lacking in confidence. We came to notice the emotional and thinking aspects of our struggles and wanted to do something to help other mothers strengthen their own resources to manage their own new challenges. And so, Well Made Mama was born.

As part of our mission, we are creating a series of products based on the positive psychology of motherhood, filled with key findings and exercises designed to help you feel stronger, tougher, wiser, more joyful and more confident in early parenthood. 

It's not about buying anything new (phew!). While the science is new, motherhood is not. We tap into the science of performance and our CORE formula to help you learn about the elemental Mama that each of us is and to understand what will nourish her in this very complex world we are tasked with modern mothering in.

What’s our only prerequisite before embarking on your journey with us? Bring your desire to learn about you. Remind yourself that YOUR MIND MATTERS and that how you feel is important to how you perform.

We are currently Beta Testing our products and would love you to join us in the Well Made Mama laboratory to tinker, explore and leave learning something new about yourself. 

Well Made Mama was made for you with love x