Birthing Of The Well Made Mama

Once upon a time, a young woman in a big city welcomed a tiny child into her world.

In the early weeks of their acquaintance, she spent her days trying to get the child what it seemed to need. She offered food, warmth and a place to sleep. She had never met the child before, so she set about getting to know her in the same way she might try to learn about any new friend. On the very deepest level, she tried to help the child understand it was loved, it was protected, and that things would be fine. She had so many dreams for them both.

Before the child was born, the young woman had moved very far away from the people who had mothered her. And so, she searched for teachers. Someone who could help her learn about how to care for the child. She found a few books. And a few other mothers. There were doctors and nurses and midwives. She picked up some good advice that made sense to her, balanced it with her own inner voice, and kept going.

As the weeks progressed into months, despite getting better at giving the child what she needed, she started to realize that the world didn’t always make it easy. Life was sometimes hard. People weren’t always as kind as they could be. Her body was different. Her relationships had changed. And the world could seem so hazardous. Sometimes she felt unsure, depleted or off-balance. There were other days when she felt downright scared, sad, and exhausted. Some days she wondered how she would get through until tomorrow.

It was then that she realized she wasn’t just in the middle of a difficult change. This was a change that had rocked everything.  Right down to her most elemental core. Because, since becoming a mother, it felt like even her mind was different. And the teachers she had depended on up until now hadn’t really talked about that.  

Yet here’s what never changed: She was still courageous, she was still curious, and she had a deep, human desire to feel better.  

So she made a choice. Either she could keep being worn down, or she could change what she could, inside of herself, to build herself up. She decided to strengthen who she was on the inside to better deal with the world outside. She turned to science to learn about the role her amazing maternal mind was playing in her experience as a modern parent. She researched strong and healthy habits and started to practice them. She argued with her darkest fears. She made room for new perspectives. And she let go of the world that ‘was supposed to be’ for the one that was - here and now.

She also took a long, hard look at what it was about her world that made it hard to be a parent. She changed what she could. Some were big changes, some were small. And for those things that couldn’t be changed, she set to work out ways to live peaceably.

She did this because she knew, down to her roots, that when she felt well, in her mind and her body, she was able to be well. A stronger, wiser, happier mother.  And so our Well-Made Mama was born.

The Well-Made Mama is a woman who strengthens herself (her head, her heart and her hands) with healthy, science backed practices that help her meet modern parenthood head on. She recognizes the strength that lies within her, understands the science of a well-made life, and dives deep into the art of its practice. She is in each of us, waiting with a hello, a high five, a super-hero cape, and a “Wow - who knew I was that strong?”