WMM Manifesto

With every child born, a Mother is born

At Well Made Mama,

We love...

The loving genius that Mothers are capable of. We love the superhuman strength that Motherhood can convey. We love Mothers everywhere, for what they do, what they have given and what they will give. We love Mothers who are on top of their game, Mothers who don’t know how they’ll get through 'till tomorrow, and every Mother in between.

We believe that..

With every child born, a Mother is born as well. We believe that her mental health matters as much as her physical health. We believe that child care begins with Mother care, and that the health of the world begins with the health of its Mothers. We believe that every Mother deserves to understand her self, what helps her to feel her best and what may be standing in the way. We believe that the maintenance of your mind deserves as much attention as the maintenance of your home, your diet, your finances or your career (although they are not mutually exclusive.)

We do not believe that..

Paying attention to what goes on in your mind means that you are ill, eccentric, or ‘crazy’. We do not believe it is selfish for a Mother to want to feel happy and emotionally well, nor do we believe that the pursuit of happiness should drown out the many other experiences that can punctuate a full and rich life. We do not believe that Mothers should hesitate to discuss their thoughts, feelings and needs with others. We do not believe that, if a Mother is suffering, she should just ‘get on with it.’

We want to live in a world where..

Mothers minds matter. Mothers can choose to raise their children in a way that also honours their own health. Where a Mother’s productivity is given as much attention and support as a business’ productivity. Where Mothers can access and interpret scientific research that speaks to their unique needs. Where Mothers can feel empowered to put that research to use to help them create happy, productive lives for themselves and their families.

We are committed to...

Providing Mothers and Mothers-to-be, the information, honesty and skills they can use to enjoy the blessings, work through the trials, and shape the whole new world that Mothering will bring. We are committed to bringing Mothers sound scientific research that they can put to use in the creation of their best selves. We are committed to raising awareness around all of the incredible things a Mother's mind can do, and the best ways to support that mind as it juggles the complexities of the modern world. We are committed to educating Mothers on the link between their minds and their Mothering, what their minds need to feel and perform at their best, and empowering Mothers to make their needs known.


Get to know the Mamas bringing you a fresh perspective on Motherhood...



Sabrina is a doer. She never stops.  She wants to suck the juice out of life and then use the pulp in ten different ways. What you will get to know about her, is that she will always look to turn the negative into potential and into an experience to learn and grow from. She does this, always with a smile on her face unless she's 'Hangry', and then you'll see something very different.

Sabrina is the Mother of two wickedly clever and loving boys. Before these little chickens came into her life, she left University with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications and Italian and started her journey in the Film & Animation Industry.

She now has over ten years’ experience as a Production Manager at Award Winning studios in Toronto, London and Australia. Her last foray in Film was on the latest LEGO movies and before that, as a Line Producer on Christopher Nolan’s ‘Dark Knight Rises’.

Managing the logistics for projects with eye watering budgets and teams ranging from 30-200 people strong, Sabrina brings a wealth of knowledge in the budgeting, scheduling and execution of day-to-day functions of sophisticated pipelines, to Well Made Mama - she can’t help herself, she loves spreadsheets.

Sabrina has also had previous experience as a Marketing Manager for an international Design Awards platform, The Rookies, managing social media channels, client liaising and initiating new business partnerships.  She currently works part-time in the property sector as a Corporate Services Manager.

After the boys go to bed and she kisses her partner Alwyn on the forehead, she works into the night on Well Made Mama. This is her other labour of love, one that wouldn’t have come to fruition without having met Megan 7 short years ago in Camden town, learning how to awkwardly manage labour pains with a Rebozo band (ya, that’s a thing).

Connolys 2 022.jpg


Megan is a maker. Before you know anything else about her, you should know that she is driven by the need to improve things, often by getting lost in the creation of something that didn’t exist the day before.  Part of this is fueled by a belief that the world can and should, be better than it was yesterday. The other part is fueled by old fashioned curiosity, creativity, and let’s face it, rebellion.

Megan’s greatest creations to date are the two sweet children that she is raising with her husband. It was their arrival into this bustling, beautiful, but sometimes flawed world of ours that inspired the Well Made Mama journey. The priceless experience of mothering them is her living laboratory of ideas. 

Megan holds an MSc. in Applied Positive Psychology and an M.A in Industrial/Organisational Psychology. Her graduate work in Positive Psychology coincided with the birth of both her children, giving her a perfect opportunity to test theory against experience when it came to the way the science of human behaviour could help a modern Mother adapt to her new role. This led to a Masters thesis on the factors that promote well-being (and sometimes even flourishing) in new Mothers.

Megan has been researching her two professional interests, working and Motherhood, for many years. Her perspectives have also been featured in Working Mother magazine.

One sunny morning in London, she had the luck of meeting Sabrina in a baby preparation class. In it, they found the very thing they needed more than anything else, and that was the kinship of Mothers.

Well Made Mama Features

We are proud to have our work featured in exceptional online publications like The Natural Parent Magazine and Hey Sigmund. Visit their pages for more insightful articles on topics from gentle parenting to the science of psychology and it's applications in all aspects of our lives.