Well Made Mama was created to help all Mothers gain a clearer understanding of what their minds need, to keep them doing what they do best, and that's being a real life superhero for their families. 

Every superhero needs a sidekick, and Well Made Mama will be yours. We have created a Living Lab for all women, packed with research and experiments, designed to deliver insight about your own wellness, and how to create an environment where it can flourish. 

No one knows more about you, than you. Well Made Mama's Living Laboratory is designed to put that knowledge to work, to inspire you to be your own best scientist and advocate, in the pursuit of more of what makes you ROCK!

You are our hero Mama...and this space was made for you with love.


with every child born, a mother is born

We transition into a new identity when we bring life into this world and we need more understanding about what that truly means.

in the borderlands we grow

The dimly lit borderlands between one life phase and another exist for a reason. They mark progress. Your progress.

we all have elemental needs

We believe that there are core elemental needs that must be met in order to find purpose and understanding in these borderlands, and still perform our absolute best.

mothers minds matter

Figuring out how to bring your A-game is serious business.  It matters to athletes, it matters to warriors, and it matters to your family. It’s really about time we got this science into the hands of Mothers.

life is a living laboratory

We can only discover what we need most by experimenting with what makes us feel well. A little bit, over time, adds up to a lot. Try something new today and find out more about what makes you happy.

creating wellness by design

Designing your days to deliver on these elemental needs can offer up power in the daily grind.