Empowering Resilient Mothers

A New Formula For Antenatal Preparation & Postnatal Mama Care

At Well Made Mama, we strive to bring you evidence-based advice, techniques, and perspectives that help you prepare for the most rewarding and challenging job you will ever have. Motherhood is the oldest game in the book. But it’s never been easy. And, today’s Mothers are facing many brand-new challenges that desperately need attention.

You’ve taken your vitamins and you’re fuelling your body during pregnancy, but is your mind ready for the most challenging, miraculous, and all consuming job you will ever have?

On that note, WMM offers comprehensive workshops and products for expectant and new Mothers to prepare them to tap into the wisdom they are hard wired for, wisdom that can be hard to explore when they are unsure of what to expect when baby arrives, and especially after birth, when they are sleep deprived, and sometimes burnt out.

We hope you find a place here to settle in and learn about how to strengthen and support the wondrous, vital creature that is YOU. The show must go on. You are our hero...and the content of Well Made Mama, was made for you with love.



Made For Your With Love

Read our blog. Sign up for our training. Stay a while. Come back every time you’ve got a challenge. Let us know about it. It’s our sacred sidekick duty to help you kick butt!


WMM Pre & POSTNATAL Workshop

This is exactly what every pregnant mama needs to know. Take the course now while you are expecting and in the weeks after your little one arrives. The more you know now, the more knowledge you have to call upon when you are going through the magical yet tough weeks transitioning into Motherhood. The course covers everything we wish we knew when our first children arrived!


WMM Activity Cards

Perfect gift for expectant & new mothers! Nurture Mama’s wellbeing and resilience with these activities and meditations. Find your way to the 'coming soon' page to learn more!