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Becoming a Mother is one of the most transformative changes an individual will make in their lifetime, both physically and psychologically. We think there is an urgent need to stimulate more discourse on the truths about how Motherhood changes us emotionally.

At Well Made Mama we offer healthy, science-based practices for the resilient, connected, and modern Mother. We believe that wellbeing underpins our performance as Mothers, as citizens, and as builders of the next generation.

By engaging with the topics and activities shared on Well Made Mama, our visitors are helping us contribute to a movement that seeks to shed more light on the importance of maternal mental health.

Too many Mamas are feeling overwhelmed, not listened to, not believing in their innate ability, and we’re using science to change all that.
— Well Made Mama


The health of our mind’s habitat isn’t something that we often think about. Yet we feel it when it is unhealthy. Pain, stress, frustration, worry and sadness can all be the result of environments that don’t provide our minds with what they have evolved to see as their basic requirements.

At Well Made Mama we believe that, just like the body has unique nutritional requirements, the mind has it own needs. And that when these needs are neglected, as they so often can be as we work through the tasks of modern mothering, our emotional well being can pay the price.

Join us in learning more about our ‘elemental needs’ and building on our emotional wellness on our motherhood journey, by tinkering with the experiments in our Living Lab.



We are proud to have our work featured in exceptional online publications Thrive Global, The Natural Parent MagazineHey SigmundThe Mission and Motherly

We have also had the pleasure to feature in a Motherbirth podcast about the crucial role of community in a woman's transition into Motherhood. 

Visit their pages for more insightful articles and interviews on topics from gentle parenting to the science of psychology and it's applications in all aspects of our lives.