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Becoming a Mother is one of the most transformative changes an individual will make in their lifetime, both physically and psychologically. Our aim at Well Made Mama is to provide you with more information to help you enhance your emotional wellbeing during this major life event, and in the years afterwards, as you change, and your children change.

We think there is an urgent need to use science to stimulate more discourse on the truths about how Motherhood changes us emotionally. By joining in on this discussion, you are helping us start a movement to shed more light on the importance of maternal mental health.

Be the first to know about our new products, filled with practical science-based exercises and activities to work through the life transition of Motherhood, so you can become the Mother you were made to be.

Too many Mamas are feeling overwhelmed, not listened to, not believing in their innate ability, and we’re using science to change all that.
— Well Made Mama

We are proud to have our work featured in exceptional online publications Thrive Global, The Natural Parent MagazineHey SigmundThe Mission and Motherly. Visit their pages for more insightful articles on topics from gentle parenting to the science of psychology and it's applications in all aspects of our lives.