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At Well Made Mama, we understand that motherhood requires just as much from our minds as it does our bodies. We can not think of a single human endeavour that requires us to dig deeper, aim higher, or go longer than the raising of a child. To do this, our minds demand nourishment. We believe that this nourishment should be the best that modern science has to offer.

Be the first to know about our new products, based on the positive psychology of motherhood, filled with key findings and exercises designed to nurture your mental well-being and help you feel stronger, tougher, wiser, more joyful and more confident through your pregnancy, the birth, and the weeks (and even years!) ahead.

Too many Mamas are feeling overwhelmed, not listened to, not believing in their innate ability, and we’re using science to change all that.
— Well Made Mama

We are proud to have our work featured in exceptional online publications Thrive Global, The Natural Parent MagazineHey Sigmund and Parent Co. Visit their pages for more insightful articles on topics from gentle parenting to the science of psychology and it's applications in all aspects of our lives.